The faculty members of both Universities are leading economists in their field. Professor Pierpaolo Benigno is the chairman of the MIME Governing Board. An external member of the MIME Governing Board is Prof. Dr. Thomas Jordan, chairman of the Governing Board of the Swiss National Bank (SNB).

We invite you to get to know the professors that teach courses for the MIME in Bern.

In order to learn more about the professor's curriculums and research, you can also refer to their personal websites.



Courses Offered

Prof. Dr. Pierpaolo Benigno
- Monetary Theory
- International Monetary Economics
- Seminar: Macroeconomics and International Economics
Prof. Dr. Anastasia Burya - Quantitative Macroeconomics
Prof. Dr. Luca Benati - Monetary Policy
- Empirical Macroeconomics II
- Seminar: Empirical Macroeconomics II
Prof. Dr. Dirk Niepelt

- Macroeconomics II

- Fiscal and Monetary Policies
Prof. Dr. Cyril Monnet - Banking Theory
Prof. Dr. Igor Letina

- Microeconomics II
Prof. Dr. Blaise Melly - Econometrics II
- Time Series Analysis II
- Causal Analysis
Prof. Dr. Michael Gerfin - Causal Analysis
Prof. Dr. Apostolis Philippopoulos - Seminar: Economics and Politics of Euorpean Integration
Prof. Dr. Costanza Naguib - Applied Data Analysis
- Machine Learning in Economics
Dr. Andreas Bachmann - Mathematical Methods
Prof. Dr. Julien Cujean
Prof. Dr. Susan Emmenegger
 - Rechtswissenschaftliche Fakultät
PD. Dr. Eddy Bekkers
- Multinational Firms and Production
- Theory and Empirics of International Trade
World Trade Institute
Prof. Dr. Kornelia Fabisik
- Risk Management
Prof. Dr. Philipp Valta

- Advanced Valuation

- Financing and Capital Structure
Prof. Dr. Philipp Baumann - Portfolio Optimization
- Fixed Income
PQM Uni Bern
Dr. Tamara Bigler  - PQM Uni Bern