Academic Requirements

  1. The prerequisites and the procedure for admission to study are set out in the Students' Regulations of the University of Basel, as well as in the admission guidelines issued by the Rectorate.
  2. Admission to the specialised Master's degree programme in International and Monetary Economics requires a Bachelor of Arts in Business and Economics from the University of Basel or a Bachelor's degree from a university recognised by the University of Basel with proof of equivalent academic achievements in the field of economics. The equivalence in this respect is checked by the examination board.
  3. In addition, the following requirement must be met:
    • The Bachelor's degree relevant for admission must have an average grade of at least 5 / unrounded (Swiss grading system 1-6, 6 = max. / 4 = pass)
    • Alternatively, holders of a Bachelor's degree from a recognised university may submit a current Graduate Record Examinations® General Test (GRE®  Test) provided that the results in the areas of 'Quantitative Reasoning' and 'Analytical Writing' are at least among the 30% best.
    • In the case of Bachelor's degrees that do not have a grade or a grade point average, the Equivalence of the grade to the grade average of at least 5 / unrounded (Swiss grading system 1–6, 6 = max. / 4 = pass) is verified by the Examination Board.
  4. Admission or non-admission shall be granted at the request of the Examination Board by the Rectorate.

Language Requirements

Proof of proficiency in English at Level B2 of the European language portfolio. This proof must be provided prior to admission to the Master’s program. The regulations of the University of Basel make clear which types of certificates correspond to the required level (see “Reglement betreffend den Nachweis von Englischkenntnissen auf Niveau B2 oder C1 des Gemeinsamen Europäischen Referenzrahmens of December 9, 2008).


Please proceed to the application portal of University of Basel by clicking the button below. Note that an application fee of CHF 100 will be charged.


  • The regular deadline for applications for the fall semester is April 30.
  • The regular deadline for applications for the spring semester is November 30.